Grade 8 - Grade 12



The Senior Phase of Arden Academy’s curriculum is based on the Cambridge International Curriculum, which upon successful completion allows students to continue their Tertiary education abroad, should they wish to do so.


The Cambridge curriculum is basically a ‘dual stream’ curricula. The first stream, relative to Grade 10-11 is abbreviated as (IGCSE), “The International General Certificate of Secondary Education”. The second stream, relative to Grades 11-12 is abbreviated as (AS), “The Advanced Subsidiary Level”.


The reason for Arden Academy incorporating the Cambridge curriculum and approach to education, is due to the fact that it highlights the latest views within the subjects it offers, as well as allowing for development in the “spiral approach”. This approach allows for the student to build progressively on previously gained information. This further compliments the Cambridge philosophy, which places much emphasis on aPaining an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each subject.


This method leads and enables the student to develop a higher degree of cognitive thinking, problem solving ability, critical analyse and evaluation, as well as related and independent research and solid collaboration that supports systematic argument presentation.


These academic and interpersonal skills, which the Cambridge curriculum continuously develops, allows the student to be bePer prepared and succeed in later or further Tertiary education level requirements.




Arden’s primary goal is to create a supportive learning environment within the classroom where teachers and facilitators assist the students to be fully prepared for examinations and to equip them with the necessary skills to carry the learned context over to the workplace or higher Tertiary levels.


The underlying support of the facilitators, extends beyond guiding the student to master the Cambridge curriculum subject content, to also enable them to correctly reflect on the work completed and goals that need to be set and achieved.


The facilitators will also work towards enabling the students to understand how best to schedule their learning rosters and to apply priority scheduling.