Almost a year ago, my parents sat me down to tell me that I’d be leaving Southdowns College and that I would be going to Arden Academy for assessments. If you told me that time that I would be this happy and successful, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. It took time and an ample amount of convincing before I agreed to the idea of home schooling, being that I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my social life for a quiet one. But the more I thought about it, I then realized that it was only friends keeping me at Southdowns, when I should’ve been focused on my academics. 

I remember day one at Arden like it was yesterday. I walked in and all I saw was smiles that made me feel warm and welcomed. It was the first time where I felt settled so quickly. And I have my amazing teacher and friends to thank. All I can say about the academics at Arden Academy is that you’re destined for success. It’s most definitely guaranteed, the teachers are caring and patient, take time to know you and find the best suitable teaching method to help you excel in all your chosen subjects. It was words of encouragement and hard work that produced results that I never knew I could achieve. 

Lastly, the social part. Now, anyone that knows me knows that, I’m a social butterfly. So, this year wasn’t easy at all. As time went on, it was then that I realized that being in a small class and having a handful of friends (or even less) isn’t as bad as it seems. The friends I made are extremely supportive, genuine, loving and fun. Ever since I joined Arden, I’ve always looked forward to attending school. With great academics, a warm environment and amazing friends, I’ve never been happier.