7 Years - 13 Years



• The Arden Primary section has a low adult-child ratio (1:10) ensuring that children feel secure, loved and cared for.

• Small groups promote social interaction.

• The Parent –Teacher app (Skooly) facilitates daily communication between parents and teachers.

• Appropriate furniture and equipment is provided for the classroom to facilitate a flexible teaching methodology.

• Language development is encouraged through a well stocked, age appropriate library. Children are encouraged to read every day.

• Children are given sign language exposure which stimulates auditory and tactile learning. In addition, children learn a second language.

• Stimulating and educational apparatus is provided for a complete sensory learning experience.

• Creativity is fostered weekly through self –expressive art, music, fishing, drama, gardening, cooking and baking activities.

• The eclectic curriculum approach is child- centered, offering learners a variety of activities and methods to facilitate their learning needs.

Children also benefit from mixed age and ability exposure.

• Fundamental life skills such as Fire safety and Puberty are taught.

• Financial Planning and Technology are incorporated into the curriculum.

• Group –based interaction is encouraged both in and outside of the classroom.

• A large play area with outdoor equipment and apparatus, as well as weekly Physical Education lessons, promotes fine and gross motor skills.

• Children are encouraged to have frequent periods of free play to develop their physical, social and emotional well –being.

• Children’s independence is fostered through developing a sense of responsibility through self –care and dedicated duties, such as tidying classrooms.

• Animal and Environmental Education nurtures a sense of appreciation and respect for nature and wildlife.

• A registered nurse visits regularly to ensure the wellness of the children in care. Vaccinations are offered on request.