The Arden Academy Team

All our teachers and team members are unique, committed, passionate, empathetic and most of all fun to work with giving your child a unique and holistic academic experience that will mould them for their future success.

All the teachers at Arden Academy are skilled and qualified professionals – dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of children. Trained, experienced and nurturing teaching assistants are available in the baby and toddler sections of the school.

The staff is constantly committed to improving their teaching and childcare skills, by attending a variety of regular coarses.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Arden Academy believes that less is more. There is not an emphasis on homework or stressful base line testing and examinations in the primary school. Focused learning and small classes allow teachers to monitor progress through a variety of methods. Learners are more emotionally mature to handle formal assessments in their high school years.

Classrooms are not set up with traditional rows and tables but instead are constructed to encourage movement and flexibility in the classroom setting. The indoor and outdoor facilities promote a unique approach to teaching and learning.

Learners are initially assessed through a variety of methods and are provided with their own Individual Education Plan (IEP). This process is facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team and progress is regularly monitored. Arden Academy believes that children at mainstream level can be taught with learners that are presented with learning challenges.

The Curriculum has an eclectic approach, drawing from the best practice global teaching methodologies, and also CAPS – Aligned. A selection of activities such as Physical Education and Drama is included in the school morning curriculum.

Arden Academy has an open door policy and parents are encouraged to meet with teachers for termly feedback. It is essential to partner with families to help each child develop to the best of their potential.

Arden Academy Facilitators

Arden Academy’s primary goal is to create a supportive learning environment within the classroom where teachers and facilitators assist the students to be fully prepared for examinations and to equip them with the necessary skills to carry the learned context over to the workplace or higher Tertiary levels.

The underlying support of the facilitators, extends beyond guiding the student to master the Cambridge curriculum subject content, to also enable them to correctly reflect on the work completed and goals that need to be set and achieved.

The facilitators will also work towards enabling the students to understand how best to schedule their learning rosters and to apply priority scheduling.